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Gepubliceerd op 8 mei 2002 | door Redactie


Hoe een buitenlander de Jirnsumer Merke beschrijft

Our path took us past Winsum, Oosterlittens and Deersum, then through Poppenwier and Jirnsum. It was obviously festival day in Jirnsum, but what kind of festival? As we rode through town a rock band was setting up on the back of a truck (they looked and sounded like “Normaal” clones). A bit further on we noticed lots of cardboard cutouts and stuffed dummies of cowboys and sheriffs having a gunfight all along the street we were in. They were peeking out from between the houses, guns at the ready, and there was even a lynched dummy hanging from a gibbet (above a nice little wrought iron gate!) Every house along the street was adorned with bunting, and simple cutouts of cats’ faces were everywhere the cowboys weren’t. Most peculiar! Then about a kilometer or two out of Jirnsum we heard an almighty racket (herrie, red.) coming towards us. The origin of the noise was a convoy of motor vehicles surrounding a truck carrying, presumably, a newly wed couple. They were on the back of the truck, laughing and waving, and the cars drivers were all tooting their horns and blowing hooters and ringing bells. Nice to see such quaint country traditions are still alive and well in the late 20th century! Het complete reisverslag kunt u lezen op http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/9732/nl98/Part3.htm

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